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Brand Safety

Real-Time Adult Content and ‘Brand Safe’ Technology for Digital Advertisers, Publishers and Exchanges

WeSEE utilises patented propriety pattern recognition technology in order to detect adult content based on shape, colour, tone and text if available. The filter is able to maintain its optimum efficiency regardless of whether meta data is present or not. The technology has been designed to work alongside any Ad Delivery Technology, Web Publisher or Ad Exchange to report and filter historically published adult content as well as having the ability to block users in real-time whilst in the act of uploading inappropriate content. The technology provides the ideal technology for real-time ‘white-listing’ and site verification at site, page and even user level.

The technology enables brands to be safeguarded and protected during the ad delivery process and allows Publishers to implement adult content filters so to automatically moderate and ensure their entire site is adult content free.

WeSEE believes that the adult content filter application is the most effective and adaptable adult content filter on the market today with accuracy levels in excess of 95%.

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