The Next Generation of Digital Advertising Insight has Arrived

Putting visual context at the heart of programmatic

What we do

Mobile connectivity, social media and video sharing platforms continue to fuel the visualization of the web, consequently the typical web page looks very different to how it did a few years ago. Existing ad targeting technologies are no longer sufficient and fail to understand and incorporate visual insight into ad delivery. WeSEE solves this problem and was set up to classify the visual web so publishers, advertisers, SSP’s, DSP’s and DMP’s have access to vital new visual data streams so to operate more efficiently. WeSEE’s breakthrough technology analyzes video and images to determine two outputs, firstly is the content brand safe and secondly what are the most appropriate advertising categories associated with it.

Try our technology

Want to try our image and video classification system? Get in touch and we can set it up. WeSEE analyses photos and video (broken down into a time-line) and outputs the advertising categories detected; the system generates keyword descriptors, IAB taxonomies and brand safety thresholds ranging from adult pornographic content through to content containing negative sentiment such as plane crashes, car crashes and violence.

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