Safer society, Safer business

Through AI-driven image, facial and emotional recognition

What we do

WeSee delivers safety, security and integrity across society and business by developing bespoke, practical, flexible, mobile-led solutions using the latest computer vision technology.

Our advanced AI technology understands every multi-layered element within images and videos in the same way humans do only better. This allows us to recognise and analyse images and faces live and in video content quickly and accurately, even when they are partially obscured.

We can also identify suspicious behaviour by recognising seven key human emotions through facial micro-expressions, eye movement, and further facial cues.



WeSee reduces claims fraud by providing assessors with key insight at point of application or first notice of loss by detecting a range of facial cues in real-time via video or mobile phone app.


WeSee drives efficiency across security companies and law enforcement agencies by detecting suspicious behaviour by analysing people’s emotions and movements in real time via video, even if it is low quality.


WeSee helps the financial sector improve the customer management experience in-store, at the cash point and on the trading floor through real-time emotional recognition, driving better service, safety and security.

What people say

“WeSee set up a system for us that could detect the sponsor’s logos and the faces of players of the Porsche European Open in the live TV stream. They built this system end-to-end for us, from the model training to the actual API that we used, and all in record time.

The output of this system was used to make it easier for the video editors on the ground, equipped with their smartphones, to find the best clips to share on social media.”

Basil Philip, CEO Genistat


WeSee’s pioneering computer vision technology imitates the human brain’s ability to understand and process all we see.

Applying the latest in deep learning artificial intelligence, our core Visual Intelligence Engine (VIE) is developed with biologically inspired programming patterns called a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN), which specialises in analysing visual imagery.

VIE learns processes that previously had to be done manually by analysing multiple discrete layers in visual content and applying our machine learning algorithms to read it like a human would – and in some cases up to 1,000 times faster with an average accuracy is in excess of 90%.

And we’re constantly innovating to continually improve performance.

Doing the right thing

Our Promise

To operate in an ethical way in terms of society and the environment, respecting an individual’s rights and adhering to laws governing privacy and data protection.

Our Mission

To use our technology to promote safety, security and integrity across business and society, looking after the good guys and helping catch the bad.

Our Values

Passion, Innovation, Integrity, Transparency, Accountability


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WeSee’s pioneering mobile-led ‘vistech’ harnesses the power of advanced deep-learning AI to detect and analyse digital visual content in real-time with the aim of developing tailored solutions to improve safety, security and integrity across society and business.

United Kingdom

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37-41 Mortimer Street
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